The ability to foresee the market needs and a deep knowledge of materials, their behaviour and their special characteristics meet with the creative hints of Rosseni Lab design team.

International inspiration for décor products designed to transform the exterior and interior spaces of the house into places to live with elegance and ease, enriched with iconic details and items designed to resist severe weather conditions while offering total comfort.


Denis Guidone studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan and later at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade of Oporto. He won several International awards, such as the Ida Design Award in Los Angeles and the Idot. Besides, he was awarded with Bruno Munari prize by Gillo Dorfles in 2009 in the Milan Triennale and selected ADI index 2010. He was given the “wonder design award” in the Young & Design in 2012. He lives and works between Milan and Tokyo focusing his work on architecture and product design. He designs for FontanaArte, Roche Bobois, Nava design Bolia, Ichendorf, Mingardo, Serax, Projects Watches, Shuji Nakagawa, Arita Risogama.


“…design and quest for ever-new project solutions, contemporary taste in signs and shapes, quality and esthetics in the selected materials. For any single project I select the best design products to provide your environments with ever-exclusive and top quality solutions. A privileged, unique, never trivial style…I am a dreamer, I could not be anything else…I observe the world around me, curiously, and I capture it in my mind in a kaleidoscope of shapes, dimensions and colours, giving them a new identity…I love the simplicity of things, of a thought and the possibility to convert it into material. I would like each person to achieve their desires for who desires lives, who desires has eyes to look to the future. I am exactly this; I look anything around me with the spirit of a child who figures wonderful things using their imagination. My love for beauty allows me to make them a reality…for I am called upon to make anything you dream come true”.